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Re: [TenTec] Two Century 21 problems

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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Two Century 21 problems
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Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 08:42:49 -0400
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If the screws are going in so far that they fall out the inside of the knob, 
it sounds like a sleeve is missing or something like that.  Compare the 
diameter of the rod onto which they mount with the diameter of the hole in 
the knob.

Specifically, the set-screws in the main tuning knob are indeed tiny in 
diameter.  I don't know their length.

Mike N4NT

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Subject: [TenTec] Two Century 21 problems

> I'm going back together with the first of four Century 21's here.  First
> off, is it me, or are the set screws in the main tuning knobs really
> tiny?  Such that the threads in the knob are excruciatingly fragile?  I
> haven't got one out of the four that will tighten enough to stay secured
> to the PTO shaft.  A couple of the screws can be pushed right through.
> Any thoughts on a simple fix for my simple mind?
> Second, and more serious.  I had one up and running yesterday on 20
> meters.  Seemed to have good sensitivity, maybe even above average.  So
> I plugged in the matching calibrator which put in a deafening
> signal...for awhile.  As I tuned to zero-beat the audio quit completely.
> After monkeying around with it for about twenty minutes without plan, I
> switched the selectivity control from narrow to the middle position and
> pop, the audio came back.  On all three bandwidths.
> So I turned the RF and AF controls way down, turned the calibrator back
> on and started increasing the gain.  Like an idiot, I can't remember
> which one, maybe both - arrgh!  The calibrator had plenty of signal all
> the way to the top of ten meters.
> But as I continued to increase gain, poof.  No audio again.  It wasn't
> near maximum gain either.  And this time it hasn't come back.
> What would cause this behavior?  And any ideas where I should start my
> trouble-shooting?  Being primarily a boat-anchor man, I can use all the
> help I can get.
> Thanks,
> Tom
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