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There were some.

[cue:  rimshot]

The biggest "buzz" was around the new Elecraft K3S, which is an update of
the K3, and the new remote "Maestro" front panel/remote panel for the Flex
6700 series.  I have some pictures of them, but we can't post those to text

I had several nice conversations with Stan and John.  I think it's fair to
say, without betraying anything I'm not to quote them on, that they both
think the company is going in the right directions.

I also want to publicly apologize to John for one thing, even though he's
already heard this from me.  I was talking with W2IRT about the pros and
cons of the K3S, and Pete mentioned one thing that he thought the Elecrafts
should have was a true TCP/IP RJ-45 interface (sound familiar, Omni VII
owners?).  Well, by pure coincidence, John was walking by at that exact
moment, and I blurted out that there was the man to ask.  While John was
very gracious about stopping and talking with us for a few moments, that
really wasn't fair of me to take away a few minutes of his personal time
away from the exhibit space; wasn't intentional, just impulsive.  Still
wasn't right though, and I should have known better.

73, ron w3wn

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Anything about new products at Dayton?

73 Paul K9OT
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