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Topband: KH6ZM Pileup and Operating Manners

Subject: Topband: KH6ZM Pileup and Operating Manners
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 12:49:49 EST
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This morning there was large and noisy pileup over Kh6ZM, whose waves were 
arriving here in the Midwest as though the propagation gods were hand-carrying 
them from his antenna to mine. Judging from the reports, he was the same all 
over the eastern half of the country.

During the course of this fracas I heard numerous examples supporting some of 
the issues surrounding operating practices that have been discussed here 
recently. I would like to make yet another plea to those inexperienced 
who engage in the following practices. I am also afraid that it did not support 
the oft-quoted myth that 160 is the "Gentlemen's band" ( or maybe all of the 
gentlemen decided to sleep in this morning?)

FIRST: Keep your calls short, one or two X. Making extended calls on the DX 
station's frequency (or even on a split TX frequency) is nothing short of 
causing deliberate interference to others. Most importantly, LISTEN. If you 
listened to Kh6ZM in this one, he always came back quickly, showing that he 
picked out his next QRZ on the first or second call. If you really think that 
blocking the frequency by calling needlessly is going to work, you are being 
stupid as well as inconsiderate.

SECOND: Unless there is any question about his having your call correct, 
please do not send his and/or your call again at the end. It accomplishes 
for anyone and just about doubles the total QSO duration. Since many openings 
are definitely time-limited, this results in many others being denied a QSO. 
The same goes for sending your state, although I am sure I will get some 
argument on this one. There may be times when it is called for, but my feeling 
that most DX stations running pileups don't really care whether you are in GA 

THIRD: If he sends out a partial and you know you DON'T fit, please shut up. 
It just wastes time because if he is any kind of operator at all, he will 
stick with his partial until it is resolved. He is NOT going to suddenly to 
to abandon the W6 call he knows partially, because you are presenting him the 
golden opportunity to take your wonderful signal instead.

I was quite impressed by how this operator handled his pileup. Fortunately, 
his signal was so good that you could partially copy his comebacks even when 
the lids were banging away on his frequency with their long calls. He also did 
not take any tailenders. The only less than desirable aspect was that he 
decided to remain simplex.

Eric von Valtier K8LV

P.S. I wonder how many besides myself seriously believe that we should do 
something to curtail and/or attenuate computerized spotting. They are 
causing more harm than good.
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