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[TowerTalk] Editorial in Dallas Morning News

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Editorial in Dallas Morning News
From: (Gerald D'Entremont)
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 10:45:01 -0500
David L. Thompson wrote:
> >Whatever happened to the democratic principle of self-rule? If all this
> >is true, then it is high time for the federal government to butt out and
> >let local neighborhoods solve their own problems. Hope Sam will agree
> >that property owners, too, should have some rights.
> >
> I have heard that one before....ask Gerald W5BA about this too.  Seems these
> type of people want justice for themselves, but none for the ham.  Their
> solution (as seen in CC&R's) is no amateur radio at all!  (Their rights not
> our rights).
> I hope many hams in the Dallas/Plano area answer Mr. Zimmerman.
> Dave K4JRB
> BTW: As we found in Gwinnett County, GA...the cellular tower folks are a big
> ally in getting our towers up.  When its a decison between a 190' cell tower
> and a 60' ham Rohn 25 we are looked at more favorabily!
        Picked up the morning paper and.......(from Houston Chronicle, 7.31.97)

        "Talk of tower raises a 'racquet' at club"

        "Dissident members of Houston Racquet Club went from the tennis courts
a civil court Wednesday in an effort to block alleged club plans to
pursue a 
deal for a cellular transmission tower on the club's scenic grounds.
        (name deleted, he's a lawyer after all, hi!), a club member and
filed a lwsuit asking that club officials be barred from making any deal
bring a commerical venture within the 28-acre complex, located on
Memorial Drive
in the village of Hunter's Creek.
        *deleted* said he learned last month that the board of directors was 
pursuing a deal where Houston Cellular telephone company would pay
$1,750 monthly
for lease of a planned 125 foot tall transmission tower south of the
tennis courts.
        *mumbo jumbo deleted*
        *deleted* objects to the tower as a commercial venture that is contrary 
to the bylaws of the club.  And he argues that it will ruin the rustic
atmosphere of the grounds."
        *remainder deleted*

        Gee...and I thought cell phones were a barrister's best friend...NIMBY
(or club, as the case may be)

73, Gerald  W5BA..whose Telrex and Tristao are <still> sitting on the
ground :-(

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