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[TowerTalk] Full Sized 40M Yagi Sources

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Full Sized 40M Yagi Sources
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Date: Wed, 26 Nov 97 8:58:50 MET

Bill and the others disscussing full size 40m yagis,

The guys around here in S5 are using poles, surf masts each
approx 4.5m long for center elements and then quad fiberglass
holders at the end. Take care, surf masts should not contain
any carbon fibers. Additional element guying up with phillistran
or low elasticity nylon would make bullet
proof antenna. You might also reinforce it by adding
more tubing inside. Maybe you are able to find trans-ocean local
supplier of hardware mentioned as we did here.  

Antenna itself is the wire in it. If you are using
metal guying upward then this might act as antenna cunductor.
Fibergalass is much more elastic than Al for windy and icy conditions.
You have to tune element resonances with dip meter, MFJ or some 
better stuff.

Mine is made from the poles and then extended with normal
fiberglass tubing. Now still on the ground.

Marko, S50K

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