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[TowerTalk] Stripper for RG 213

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Stripper for RG 213
From: (Wagner)
Date: Wed, 03 Dec 1997 17:29:59 -0500
Regarding stripping RG-213...  You may want to try this

Using a sharp utility knife, cut though the outer insulation,
shield and part-way through the dielectric.  Use electricians
pliers to twist & pull off the cut section, leaving  the center conductor
bare and without nicks.  Cut as deep as you can so you don't
have to over-twist the center conductor.

Next, cut part way through the outer insulation about 1/2"
( I do it by eye) from the last cut.  Cut all the way around,
being fairly careful to make a complete circle cut  Now
cut parallel to the cable from this cut to
the end of the cable with the bare center conductor.  There
is a trick, however.  To avoid cutting the braid, don't hold
the knife straight up-and-down.  Cut all the way
through the insulation, but at a very shallow angle to the
braid.  I.e. don't take the short path though the insulation,
but do it at almost a "whittling" angle.  With practice,
you can cut all the way through without harming the braid
at all.

You now just need to grab one end of the insulation you
just cut, and tear it off with your fingers.  It will come off
cleanly at the partial cut you made a few steps ago.
Trim off any stray braid that is too close to the center
conductor with diagonal cutters.

This technique works well for me, I hope it does for you.

Tom - N1MM

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