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From: (John/K4WJ)
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 23:16:52 -0500
At 03:38 AM 12/4/97 +0000, Charles H. Harpole wrote:


>The very fact that a former employee of a company, any company, has to

>"toe the party line"   

Why would a FORMER employee have to "toe the party line" if he/she doesn't work 
for the company anymore?

>means that that company is not being completely honest nor scientific in its 
>>release of advice.

How can you conclude that the company is not being completely honest or 
scientific in its release of advice when it asks an employee to "toe the party 
line"? Did you consider that the employee may be giving advice that isn't 
scientifically honest? This may be the reason the company wants him/her to "toe 
the party line".

I'm curious as to how you arrived at the conclusion I quoted above. I bet the 
folks at PolyPhaser are curious too. John/K4WJ

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