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Subject: [TowerTalk] Climbing alone
From: (Jerry Liley)
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 11:17:38 -0600
Rich Boyd, KE3Q

My gin pole is quarter inch wall x 2" aluminum tubing and the bolt that
pushes the pole into the opposite wall cuts into the tubing a bit each
time.  The pole is quite rough.  I don't think your method will work for
me with heavy loads such as 45 or 55 tower sections.

I suppose we all think we have the perfect solution...<grin>  Here is mine:

I use 5/8" nylon rope and it has quite a bit of stretch.  I raise the next
section to about 1-1/2' lower than it needs to be, then climb up to put it
on.  The stretch in the rope "lifts" most of the weight of the section so
I can easily lift the section up by hand and then pull it down over the
previous section.  (the stretch allows the correct amount of elasticity)
Once the section is bolted on you have a big problem without a person on
the ground to loosen the rope tension.  Alone, you have to climb up and
down twice to re-position the gin pole and tie on the next section.  Even
an inexperienced ground person is VERY valuable at that point.

For those of you just getting into tower erection, buy braided rope, NOT
twisted!!!!!   You will need at least three times the height of your tower.
More would be nice.   It is not a cheap purchase.  I use nylon because it
is common to get caught in the rain or not finish a project for several
days and the rope has to stay out in the weather.  Nylon will take that

Steve, K7LXC, I would like to know what rope you use....size?  Material?
Are there any tricks you have learned about preventing the kinks?   Also,
how have you solved the job of winding it onto a spool?  When you have
400 feet of it unwound, it is a big job to roll it up.  I use a couple of
saw horses and a broom handle and looking for a better way.

Safe climbing and good DX.   73, Jerry

  Jerry Liley, K0GUG, Holts Summit, MO   (Near Jefferson City )     
      ARRL LIFE -- 5BDXCC-CW -- Honor Roll-CW --  NRA LIFE          

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