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Subject: [TowerTalk] Climbing Alone
From: (Stephen Vinson)
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 14:21:09 -0800
Tom Osborne wrote:
> Stephen Vinson wrote:
> > Any way for well less than $100.00 per unit they are truly throw away
> > units if damaged (repairs beyond what we can do will run more than that
> > in labor).
> What's wrong with using some of those Wal-Mart walkie talkies. Usually
> around 10 bucks for a set. You can even get vox activated boom mikes with
> one earpiece for that price.
> Tom

Sure they are no problem but remember these (Alinco) can be used to get
help from some distance.  My main purpose was for safety when climbing
alone and still having communications with someone far away.  The ones
you refer are super for use with regular group tower work.  Being
involved in EMS work for many years has required wearing many mult)
pagers.  Thank goodness for scanning radios.  

I know that for many injuries on towers if will probably require other
hams to assist in getting someone off the tower.  Here locally the fire
department has a 108' aerial platform ... but would be of little help to
me at 155' up.  They do not have and the only ones on the rescue squad
that could climb and function are a couple of "Us Hams".  

I can remember a few years back when a worker was injured on the water
tank.  After 8 hours they flew in a helicopter from Fort Bragg and air
lifted the poor guy down.  

Great idea for local work .... I had not even thought of it ... Josh
sure would have wished we had thought of it .... it was his Icom that
went "Splatt".   

Happy Holidays ... and Climb Safe!!!

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