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[TowerTalk] Why lambast Rohn ?????

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Why lambast Rohn ?????
From: (Bob Perring)
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 13:01:24 -0600
At 10:22 2/6/98 -0600, Dale Jones K5MM wrote:
> Gerald & others:
> This issue of lambasting Rohn for not sharing data that they may have
> interesting. From my perspective, if I were Rohn Company, or the
owner of
>that company, I would do exactly what they are doing. 
================== etc.=================>
Well, for what it's worth;
N5RP Thinking, as follows: ........................

To my mind, the manufacturing of towers is sort of like making ladders
and chain saws, only worse. Getting into business for one's self and
competing against them would seem to be an easy proposition. 
After all, the product, itself, is relatively simple.
Now consider, for a moment, how mind boggling the obligations incurred
with each and every installation must be. Just think about all of the
uncontrolled installations and applications for their product (simple
galvanized weldments). 

If I owned Rohn, I would shudder and have nightmares all of the time.

As we hams drive around the country, always looking for amateur antenna
installations to admire, what do you think a Rohn board member sees
during his road trips? 
An antenna?
A tower?
Most likely, another uncontrolled installation to worry about.

I am grateful for Rohn's fine product and the excellent quality that
they produce.
I don't think I am in any hurry to get into their business, or try and
tell them how to do business.


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