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Subject: [TowerTalk] Disconnecting cables and lightning (questions--
From: (Chad Kurszewski WE9V)
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 12:35:40 -0500
At 01:20 PM 6/3/98 -0400, K7LXC wrote:
>In a message dated 98-06-03 11:44:27 EDT, writes:
>>  There seem to be three schools of thought -- 1) disconnect everything, 2)
>>  try to prevent a strike by mucking with the corona, 3) try to dissipate a
>>  strike. Some advocate combinations of these approaches (i.e., one solution
>>  would be to disconnect all cables, use porcupines at the top of masts, and
>>  use lightning arrestors connected to a superior ground system.) But due to
>>  the random nature of lighting strikes (i.e., the impossibility of
>>  reproducible tests), I doubt that this debate will ever be resolved.
>     I'm sure you mean resolved in the amateur community. Commercial
>communication site ground systems and standards are well documented and
>accepted by those users. In their case, an outage due to a lightning strike
>would result in the ultimate problem - loss of revenue - and that's not

What are these commercial standards?  Where are they documented?
I would like to see that information.

I agree with Steve in that commercial stations DO take direct hits
and keep on ticking.  I want to know what THEY do!

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