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Subject: [TowerTalk] Open Wire
From: DavidC" < (DavidC)
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 16:45:14 -0500
> > A 30% tuner loss is huge and would be dissipating 500W of a 1500 watt
> > input in a closed space. That wouldn't take long to set it on fire
> > internally, and would quickly make it too hot to touch.
> I have a friend who peeled the paint on one of the Dentron tuners a few
> years ago, and he only had a FL2100 at the time for an amp.
> Gary

You folks are all making me nervous.  Anyone have solid
knowledge of the Dentron MT-3000A?  I am interested to
know how it stands up under full power when tuning into a
450 commercial line fed 160 or 80m dipole for multiband
use.  I will be bringing a 1KW+ homebrew solid state amp
online sometime this winter and do not want the tuner to be
a source of trouble!

If there are recommended mods for the MT-3000A I'd sure like 
to hear them!  BTW:  If anyone is interested the manual is online 
at:  along with lots of other boatanchor
manuals ...

- Thanks! & 73, DavidC  K1YP

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