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[TowerTalk] crimp style pl-259

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Subject: [TowerTalk] crimp style pl-259
From: (Mike Nash, ND6A)
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 18:15:48 -0800
Crimp connectors are becoming more and more popular in commercial type
installations, however I highly recommend soldering the center condutor if
you use such and animal.
My personal preference is soldered connectors, to me it just seems to be a
more secure method. This is also what we use for ALL installations at work. 
Especially above 30MHZ, I would have to think that the soldered connections
are the better way to go(speaking from an electrical standpoint). 
I could be completely wrong, but if it takes you THAT much longer to put on
a soldered connector versus a crimp one you are not doing something right.
All the time is spent in the prep of the cable anyway. Crimp time 20
seconds, solder time 1 minute...if time is that esential then I am in the
WRONG line of work!!!


>   I was looking for crimp style pl-259 . Is there anything of this type 
>that are durable
>and will work at vhf frequencies . Thanks
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