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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 06:15:41 -0600
Change antennas !

A 2L Quad has 1/3 the boom length and 1/2 the width of 
the KT34XA.    No tilt needed.

Tom  N4KG

On Sun, 24 Jun 2001 13:53:33 EDT writes:
> Howdy, TowerTalkians --
>     Here's a question that has never been asked on TowerTalk before! 
> They're  pretty rare but nonetheless pop up occasionally.
>     What I need to do is to tilt a KT34A from its normal 
> horizontally 
> polarized position to a vertical position. The antenna will be 
> mounted on a 
> UST crank-up and the antenna needs to be vertical when the tower is 
> down so 
> the antenna can be "stored" in a vertical position when it's not 
> being used. 
> The problem is due to the fact that the antenna hangs over the 
> neighbor's 
> property and the neighbor has asked that it not be over his property 
> when 
> it's not being used. 
>     Okay. So what I've got is a moderately small triband antenna 
> with a 3" 
> boom. I want to use the Yaesu G-550 elevation rotator which has a 
> boom 
> capacity of 1-5/8" (1.625"). The options as I see them are: 1) 
> convert the 3" 
> boom to a 1-5/8" one or 2) put some sort of smaller boom splice in 
> the KT34A 
> so that the part of the antenna at the elevation rotator will fit 
> thru it.
>     Option 1 means that the 3" KLM insulated Lexan element brackets 
> will 
> either have to be scrapped or adapted to the smaller boomsize. Any 
> ideas how 
> to do either one?
>     Option 2 means some 'cut-and-hack' work on the boom plus some 
> machine 
> shop fabrication but lets me use the rest of the existing boom and 
> hardware. 
>     Wadda ya think? Can you think of any other options? All input 
> appreciated.
> Cheers & tnx,    Steve    K7LXC
> Tower Tech 

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