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[TowerTalk] What about hams with small lots???

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Subject: [TowerTalk] What about hams with small lots???
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Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 12:50:21 -0400
I agree with AA2MF regarding the need for more info on simple, unique or
creative antennas for hams with small lots. We need to realize that,
regardless of original intent,  this is no longer a USA-only reflector but
due to the nature of the web is world wide in readership.
In addition to those in the US, there are countless thousands of hams, or
potential hams overseas in densely populated environments who cannot get on
the air due to space limitations, possibly allied with a lack of small
antenna know-how.
I have a horse laugh when contributors comment that they "only" have a 100ft
x 50ft lot and can "only" get up a 50 ft tower etc.
Try an industrial revolution era terraced house with front and rear yards
measuring 15 x 15 ft each. Probably heavily developed by the XYL with
concrete path, flower beds, a tiny pond  and a microscopic lawn. I have a
retiree friend in Europe with such a situation and he is by no means unique.
I designed a squashed rectangular quad for 15 mtrs to fit into his attic
space which is 12 x 10 ft and 8 ft high. It works quite well but he would
sure like to get on 20m to work me occasionally. For some other bands he
uses a covert 22 awg invisible end fed wire going across the street but
without an RF ground system. This naturally has mediocre performance.
Another caveat is that many such residences, especially in Europe, are owned
by the city and rented to the tenants and therefore can be subject to what
are essentially deed restrictions.

On this reflector there is a tendency for most of the discussions to be
associated with high end stations with stacked beams, Big 4-squares,
multiple towers and beverages hundreds of feet long. Discussion is heavily
slanted towards systems requiring lots of space and a healthy bank account.
Perhaps this is reasonable since this is an adjunct of a contest oriented
web site. However the reflector has developed into a great source of general
information for that essential  system which lives outside the window.
There are many contributors highly qualified and experienced in antenna
theory and practice. It would be a great service to large numbers of the
world wide ham population if some of these antenna gurus would consider
dreaming up some solutions to this universal problem or airing their
experiences here. Maybe we could get some more P5's etc on the air as a
Thanks to all who have made this reflector one of the more useful and

John AB4ET

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