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[TowerTalk] Is the FCC sharp? Is ARRL counsel swift?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Is the FCC sharp? Is ARRL counsel swift?
From: (Kris Mraz)
Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 06:16:16 +0000
Rick, et al,

One thing you're forgetting, Rick, is the potential NEW hams who already
have a house. If they discover ham radio and they're already living in 
a restricted neighborhood I doubt they will sell their houses to pursue
a new hobby. And what about the kids living at home? I'd say there is 
ZERO chance they could convince mom and dad to up and move out of the
city so they can put up an outside antenna. (This is probably a major 
factor that forces many new hams to be limited to a shack-on-the-belt).
We've all been told that we must promote ham radio to kids to keep the 
hobby going. How can we tell them how wonderful ham radio is and in the 
next breath tell them they'll probably have to move? CCR's will lead to 
the eventual death of HF ham radio.

Kris N5KM

Rick, KC5AJX, said:

> Hello All
> I have been following this thread and I read the newsletter from the ARRL. I
> don't think this is an issue for the ARRL or the FCC. After all if you
> choose to buy a house in an area that has CC&R's then you know from the time
> you bought the house you couldn't put up a tower or outside antenna. If you
> buy a house without CC&R's then find out that the city has restrictions on
> towers or outside antennas then you can use PB-1 to fight it.
> It is up to the buyer to find out these things before you buy a house. You
> can make it part of the contract that there are no restrictions on towers or
> outside antennas. If it is revealed that there are restrictions then the
> contract is void.
> If you can't find an area where their are no CC&R's then you can buy land in
> the country and have plenty of room for towers and such. You have to decide
> which is more important to you and your family, no antennas or ham radio and
> a nice neighborhood close to schools malls and work or a country home
> maybe not as nice as a city home) where you can have all the towers you want
> but have to drive farther to work, schools and the mall. You have choices it
> is not fair to impose our likes on our neighbors just because we are hams.
> Just my point of view on this
> 73
> Rick
> P.S. I live in the country. 20 min drive to the nearest town of any size and
> 45 min drive to the nearest big city.

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