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[Towertalk] cutting a MAST

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Subject: [Towertalk] cutting a MAST
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Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 20:09:42 -0400

Depends on how accurate you want the cut.

Seems to be a bit of expense to rent a chop saw with an abrasive blade
for one


You can lop through it with a hack saw, a recriprocating saw or even an

7 1/4" circular saw with an abrasive or toothless special-purpose metal
cutting blade.

Or, you can spring for a large pipe cutter, one of those things where you
make a 

turn, crank a half-turn, make another turn until what amounts to a rotary

essentially wedges the two pieces apart.  Consult your local plumber.

Other options include the "blue tip wrench " (cutting torch...HI!) or the

welder equivalent which involves turning it up as far as it will go and
blast your

way through.  (M E S S Y!!!....hi!)  You may wish to  see if the local
garage has a tow 

truck with a cutting torch on it.

As a last ditch, drill a series of 1/4" holes where you want the cut to
be made around

the circumference and chisel or hack saw the spaces between the

tedious HI!

Even more options include a 4" right angle grinder with a "cut off wheel"
where you

make a cut, about an inch long, rotate the stock, make another cut and so
on around

the circumference.  

Please wear goggles and ear protection.

Peace Be With Thee,

Tim K3HX

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