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[Towertalk] Phillystran Grips

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Subject: [Towertalk] Phillystran Grips
From: (Rick Bullon)
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 16:11:21 +0000
Hello Mike
When I bought my Philly guys and grips from Texas Towers Gerald showed me 
how to install them, (Texas Towers is only about an hour drive from my QTH).
You start by laying the Philly in one side of the grip all the way down then 
start the other side a few turns so that the grip has a hold on the Philly. 
At this point put some tension on the Philly ( I used a clevis bolt around 
the tower rung and though the the thimble on the big grip then stretched it 
to the ground and stood on the philly). Continue to wrap the free leg around 
the the grip and when you get to the end instead of using a screwdriver to 
lock the last wrap use a pair of pliers to get it to lock in. It will look 
just like the finish grip on the ehs nice and tight. The trick is to keep 
the Philly taunt while you are wrapping the grip on.
The ty wraps are to hold the little black end caps on the ends of the 


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From: "Mike Gilmer, N2MG" <>
Subject: [Towertalk] Phillystran Grips
To: <>
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 07:49:36 -0700 (PDT)

I have several grips to install on (the newer style)
6700# Phillystran. I have no instructions for these
grips, per se, (I've asked TexasTowers for them -
didn't realize that I was not sent them) but do have
them for the "normal" grips for EHS.  I have installed
several dozen of the EHS grips on 1/4" cable with
little difficulty.  The final twist of the grip yields
a confidence-inspiring "snap" when done correctly.

With the Philly grips, however, I get no such snap. I
am following PLP's sheet that instructs one to split
the end of the grips and weave them back and forth
somewhat (rather than stitching one side fully then
the other). However, the tips of the grip tend to
bunch up since (it seems to me that) the jacket on the
Philly flows a bit.  This leaves the end of the grip
quite easy to unwind  - WAY more easily than the grips
on EHS (which require a screwdriver or other suitable
tool to get them started to unwind).

TT sent me tiewraps as well - never used any on EHS
grips so not sure what they are for...I hope these are
not expected to hold the end of the grips together...

Any ideas?

73 Mike N2MG

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