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[Towertalk] Tailtwister won't turn.

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Subject: [Towertalk] Tailtwister won't turn.
From: (Eugene Jensen)
Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 03:26:11 -0400
I will answer your question about why the grease turned to chalk or
another more common effect is that it is harder than a rock.  Grease is
actually made up of a number of petroleum products.  And contains a
certain amount of distillates which is why it is soft when it is in the
can.  Over a period of years, it evaporates literally leaving the base
soap compound behind.  There are soap compounds that will remain soft
for years, but none of us could normally afford them for Ham use. A
German company called Kuber makes a product that remains soft, but at
around $300 for a 2.2lbs can, it is expensive!  Another interesting fact
that is not known is that lithium base lubricants over a period of time
if they are not periodically changed, literally start to develop a
hydrochloric acid base and will attack the metals that they are actually
lubricating, leaving badly pitted surfaces.  In our case, unfortunately
our rotors stay in the air for years, and receive no periodic
maintenance.  So, I would consider it just the nature of the beast and
considering the life expectancy of any mechanical device, it is actually
not made to be maintained until failure. For that reason alone I
consider a used Telex/Hy-Gain rotor unless it dirt cheep a bad buy. 73
Gene K2QWD 

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Subject: Re: [Towertalk] Tailtwister won't turn.

 I have the same problem that Dave K1HT is experiencing.  Right now my
is stuck on 20 degrees (I was trying to hear 9N7AS on 17).  Rocking it
and forth doesn't work but it will turn after a day or so but its

This happened about 6 or 7 years ago and a local who works on the rotors
took it apart and the grease had turned to chauk.  I replaced the
cap but the replacements available are much bigger and Telex/Hy-Gain
sent me
a sheet on how to install (mount) the new aerovox cap..I had to use
electrical tape to hold it down.

Anyone have any ideas why the grease degrades (Hy-Gain iold me they had
never heard of such a thing).

I agree that for 100 feet or more you need bigger cable.  I upgraded to
bigger Belden cable about 14 years ago.  With the clunk of the solenoid
suspect that both K1HT and I need to get the rotor serviced.

73 Dave K4JRB

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