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Subject: [Towertalk] TH6DXX trap cleaning
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Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 00:11:29 +0200
Hi Jan

just a few days ago someone on our local mailing list reported excellent
results cleaning his traps with 10% sulphur acid.

The acid does not corrode the aluminum any further,
but cleans out all the dirt.
probably the aluminum oxide layer gets a bit thicker but
that is its natural anti-corrosion-jacket anyway.

The traps were reported to function very well afterwards

73 Con DF4SA

At 15:06 06.08.02 -0400, you wrote:
>Based on a consensus from this reflector, I decided to take down my 
>TH6DXX and remove and clean the traps. I am now on the first trap, 
>the left, inside trap on the driven element (one of the more likely 
>to be a culprit in my swr problem).
>I have the trap in the house, clamped gently in a vise; I have 
>removed the final setscrew that holds the outer cover to the inner 
>aluminum tube and the plastic end caps are off. 
>I am unable to get the insides out. I can tap on two places, either 
>on the inner aluminum tube, from either end, or on the plastic ring 
>that fills between the inner tube and the outer cover. Only the inner 
>tube moves. I cannot move the plastic rings, or so it seems. Perhaps 
>I should tap the inner tube all the way through, and then pull on the 
>rest of the insides.
>I hesitate to use substantial force, since, I believe, MFJ/Hy-Gain is 
>unlikely to have replacement parts for this tribander that is more 
>than fifteen years out of production. 
>I can see inside the weep holes, and it seems that very tiny 
>creatures have migrated inside, taking with them a substantial 
>portion of my real estate and stuffing this inside the trap. I will 
>have to get a new survey to see how much my property has shrunk. I 
>would really like to get inside each trap and either clean things out 
>or start charging rent.
>Does anyone have experience with opening and cleaning these traps?
>Jan Ditzian
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