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Subject: [Towertalk] Coax opinions
From: (Don Havlicek)
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 22:43:22 -0500
I differ, Ken.
I've built a device that buries coax/cables/radials/control lines quite
easily .. no digging necessary .. just a sled I pull behind my lawn
As for putting cable in a tube/pipe .. I've seen too much water in those
things .. I'll use direct bury, thanks !

"Ken \"AB5A\" Eckel Jr." wrote:
> Direct burial is not cost effective in sweat equity.  Bury cheap conduit
> once and try dozens of different
> coax until you get one you like.  Just solder the new to the old and pull it
> through easy as pie.  3/4
> inch pipe is $1.24 for a 10 foot stick.  That's $12.40 for a 100 foot run.
> Would you redig a 100 foot run for the lack
> of spending 12 bucks?  The issue of standing water can be dealt with easily.
> my 1,240 cents worth,
> Ken AB5A
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