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Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 16:50:45 EDT
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> I have 5 sections of Rohn25G and one top section. I intend to use one of 
> sections as a base. For now I would like to place a Diamond HF vertical (
> mounted on the side) and a Cushcraft 144/440 on top w/a rotor.
>  My house has a 13' foot peak and a 3' overhang. I think it would be best 
> mount the bracket to the wall. I am told by Rohn to not go over 30' above 
> bracket.

    Rohn who? 

    There is a Rohn pamphlet called "Manufacturer's Technical Information for 
Bracketed or Self Supporting Towers" that has the specific information for 
those installations. For forty- to seventy-feet of 25G @ 70 MPH the maximum 
height above a housebracket varies between 10 and 14 feet - NOT 30. 

    For your proposed installation, the maximum height would be 27-feet. The 
tower capacity varies with your local windspeed conditions. 
>  I am also told by Rohn to dig down 4' with 6" of gravel for the base.

    That's correct. 
>  My goal is to have a decent tower that I can use for quite awhile and grow 
> with. My objective is to build it this fall AND TO DO IT RIGHT. That is 
> you guys come in. Do you have any suggestions to help me meet my goal?
    First, if you don't have the Rohn catalog - get one. They're available at 
 <A HREF="";></A>.

    Second, what's your county windspeed? If you don't know, you can look it 
up at <A HREF="";></A> under 
Tech Notes. 

    Finally, follow the LXC Prime Directive to "DO what the manufacturer 
says"  and you'll stay out of trouble. 

    There are other specifics like you need to back up the housebracket with 
a good-sized piece of wood or steel on the inside of the wall. DO NOT just 
put some lag screws into the house siding.

Steve     K7LXC
Professional tower services for commercial and amateur 

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