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[Towertalk] Exceeding tower wind load ratings

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Subject: [Towertalk] Exceeding tower wind load ratings
From: (Rick Stoneking)
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 21:27:18 -0400
I was wondering if anyone on the reflector could tell me what the wind load
rating of a tower really refers to - or maybe more to the point, what is the
expected failure that will occur should the wind load be exceeded?

For example: a hypothetical free standing crank up tower of 80' had a wind
load rating of 15 sq. ft. at 70MPH

Is the manufacturing saying the tower is at risk of falling down if the
rating is exceeded, or that the tower is at risk of damage (i.e. bending)?
If the rating is exceeded what would be the most likely failure mode - tower
falling over (either at the base or failing at a joint between sections) or
of the tower bending (but not falling over).

Do any of the manufacturers offer any information of this type?


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