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Subject: [Towertalk] Changing towers
From: (Steve Gehring)
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 11:57:44 -0700
Hi Bill,

I would follow Mr. Katz's advice.  Follow the Mfgr's suggestions on digging 
a proper hole and building a new base for the crankup.  This is the safe 
and prudent approach.  IMHO, using the old base is inviting disaster.  For 
your safety, and that of others, follow the mfgr's instructions and 
engineering specs to the letter.

I like the idea of the old base holding up a new BBQ, too!

Steve, KZ9G

At 09:08 AM 9/27/2002 -0400, you wrote:

>I put up a 40' free standing aluminum tower last last year, with a
>2-element quad on top.  The tower was easy to walk up and seems to be
>exactly what was advertised.
>The problem is that, as the years have passed, I find I am no longer a
>climber --- even for a little 40' tower.  In retrospect, I should have gone
>for a crankup (with the lifting/tilting device, as well).  I am trying to
>estimate how much hassle there would be in changing towers.  My target
>would be the U.S. Towers  55', three-section crank up.
>I currently have about 2.75 yards of concrete in the ground, in an
>irregular 3 x 4' pattern, about 4-5' deep.  Could I use this as the base
>for the crankup?  I would cut off the current mounting leg connectors,
>drill fairly deep holes in the concrete and use construction epoxy to hold
>the new mounting bolts for the crank-up.  Should I pour more concrete next
>to the current mass (and maybe drill a few connecting rebar holes to link
>the two "pours" together)?
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