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[TowerTalk] screw-in guy anchors, was Could this happen to you

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Subject: [TowerTalk] screw-in guy anchors, was Could this happen to you
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Date: Tue Mar 4 08:39:49 2003
Given the potential for danger, and the relative complexity of installing 
towers, it
*is* somewhat amazing that there's not more problems that we hear about.
It's also not too surprising that there's very few manufacturers left, given 
the litigious
nature of our society these days.  A quick scan through a 50's or 60's CQ or QST
will show that there used to be many more.

I wonder what percentage of each stick of Rohn25 goes into the "escrow for
lawsuit" kitty?

This is a fantastic resource for antenna/tower constructors. I think the 
original posting
was a constructive one, and not intended as anything other than a "this could 
to you" reminder.  Many / some  of us may be tempted to take shortcuts with 
given the time and expense. It's images like this one that remind us of the 

John K5MO

( many would climb that, or a similar tower, after it had been 
stressed / bent
to the degree that it was......?)

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