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Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 21:43:37 -0700
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> Hi Chuck,
> Sounds VERY similar to the absurd service problems that I had with Amidon
> 3 years ago when I ordered from them.  The language barrier certainly
> thing worse, but even allowing for that, but I found that they were
> INCREDIBLY disorganized, sloppy, negligent and evasive when trying to pin
> down their sources of error.  Not to mention that some of the personnel
> to hide behind their voicemails and never do return telephone calls.  I
> could not have been more unfavorably impressed! and I never ordered from
> them again!


I think most of the ferrites that Amidon sells are
actually made by Fair-Rite Products:

Amidon is just a distributor. I don't think they make
any material themselves. I have never tried dealing
directly with Fair-Rite products, so I am not sure if they
will deal with small orders, but it may be worth a try.
There are other distributors listed on the Fair-Rite
products website, so that may be worth exploring.

BTW, I had a similar poor experience with Amidon
on my last order. I ordered some type 77 beads (the
kind you slip over RG-8X and RG-142 coax). They
sent me another material (type 31). When I
complained the lady I spoke to (probably Mrs. Yuan)
said that the type 31 material was the replacement
for type 77. When I checked the Fair-Rite products
website, it turned out that she was essentially (but
not entirely) correct. The materials are similar (high
ui, low resistivity), but the Curie temperature of type 31
material appears to be much lower than type 77
(130 deg C vs > 200 deg C). In any case, both materials
are still listed in the Ferrite Products online catalog
so I am not entirely convinced that type 31 is a
"replacement" for type 77. Probably more like
"hey lets get rid of these type 31 beads" this stupid
ham won't know the difference :)

73 de Mike, W4EF..............................

P.S. If Amidon is not interested in the Amateur Radio
Market, I wonder why it says the following at the top of their

"Since 1963, Amidon Inc. has been supplying
the HAM radio community with ferromagnetic products.
The business has grown steadily over the years through
supplying to amateur radio operators and various companies
involved in the research and development of electronic

This is also interesting reading (looks like Bytemark is now in
direct competition with Amidon):


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