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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] RE: [Antennas] loax 'sweet lenght'
From: "Al Williams" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 08:51:09 -0700
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> ... however, if one is using 75 Ohm cable in a 50 Ohm
> system (e.g., CATV hardline) then the multiple of 1/2 wavelength
> shows a 1:1 SWR on a 50 Ohm bridge - exactly what is desired.
> The 75 Ohm cable is operating with a 1.15:1 SWR

What happens to the swr and feedpoint impedance at the transmitter if a
RESONANT dipole is fed with ladder line?

Because there is no reactance at the antenna, I presume there is no
reactance at the transmitter end regardless of line length?

However, does the resistance get tranformed--possibly putting it out of
range of solid state finals?

How much effect will rain on the line and imbalance of each side of the
line to nearby objects have on the resistance or introduce



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