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Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 17:23:05 -0700
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From the FCC press release (the R&O isn't online yet... search for FCC-04-245 tomorrow)

The press release says:

Sets forth rules imposing new technical requirements on BPL devices, such as the capability to avoid using any specific frequency and to remotely adjust or shut down any unit;
>>> might be interesting to know the resolution with which this must be done, and what performance level they expect (skirt steepness, for instance).

Establishes "excluded frequency bands" within which BPL must avoid operating entirely to protect aeronautical and aircraft receivers communications; and establishes "exclusion zones" in locations close to sensitive operations, such as coast guard or radio astronomy stations, within which BPL must avoid operating on certain frequencies;

>>> Looks like they paid attention to ARINC..

Establishes consultation requirements with public safety agencies, federal government sensitive stations, and aeronautical stations.

>>> Don't see amateurs here... responding to NTIAs original filing, and the FEMA, etc. concerns.

Establishes a publicly available Access BPL notification database to facilitate an organized approach to identification and resolution of harmful interference.

>>> Be interesting to see how this actually plays out. The devil is in the details with this kind of thing. Is it at the "Company XYZ has installed Access BPL in Los Angeles County" or is it "P/N xyz S/N abc installed at Lat/Lon". There may be a lot of finagling on implementation here (Homeland security concerns, proprietary rights concerns, update frequency for the database, etc.)

Changes the equipment authorization for Access BPL systems from verification to certification; and

>>> this is quite significant... and not good.. verification means they have to test for compliance. certification means they can just sign a piece of paper saying, in effect, "designed to meet"

Improves measurement procedures for all equipment that use RF energy to communicate over power lines.
>> who knows.. could be good bad or indifferent.


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