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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Ground rod sticker shock
From: Jim Idelson <>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 08:49:38 -0500
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I hate buying nuts and bolts at HD. Nobody ever puts things back in the right 

For nuts and bolts and some other kinds of steel hardware, find your local 
industrial fastener supplier. These places sell excellent quality fasteners at 
a fraction of what you will pay for the stuff at Home Depot. They pick it for 
you and their selection is much better. You will leave with a $20 bag of Grade 
5 or stainless that would cost you $100 at HD.

>The general cost of hardware is unreal. I bought just a few little nut and 
bolt type items--a file and handle for it, some cable ties, heat shrink tubing, 
drill bit, the rod, couple of clamps and a 10' long pvc pipe. I prepared for 
the shock (I figured the total would be more than I expected--it always is) so 
since I figured all this should be $25 I prepared for $35. When the clerk rang 
it all up, it came to 49 bucks!! It has gotten to the point that even a simple 
little basic antenna is an investment. thanks for letting me vent.

Jim Idelson K1IR
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