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From: Alan Zack <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:04:36 -0800
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I believe that is a decision that should be made by the list administrator, not you. Until the administrator closes the topic it would be open to discussion by interested users of the reflector to present their suggestions or points of view. If you were at a City Hall meeting where some public forum was being discussed would you jump up and say its time to end the discussion? I think not. You would wait for the person in charge to end the discussion. Of course, you could leave anytime you wished. I believe the same decorum stands on reflectors. Have you ever been on Jury Duty? Do you end the discussion or the jury foreman?

Mike D. wrote:

From: Alan Zack []

That would mean everyone using,,, etc., would be dropped.

It would mean that everyone using an alias account would have to resubscribe
using their "real" e-mail address. It would not prohibit anyone from
enjoying the benefits of TowerTalk, that is currently enjoying it.

It would also mean that the [] bounced messages would finally
stop. It would also mean that someone else's bounced messages won't start up
at a later date. It will also mean that eventually this discussion would

73 de Mike, N9BOR

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Mike D. wrote:


Thanks for your note. Yes, you, et al, might "like" using an alias e-mail account, but that is the problem. Your unwillingness to be slightly inconvenienced, when/if you ever change your

e-mail provider

is probably the same reason [] subscribed using his.

There are probably 700+ subscribers to TowerTalk. The few


using alias accounts are apparently unwilling to be personally inconvenienced, yet are also bothered by NEVER ENDING

bounces to every

contributor. There is no way to test every subscribed

e-mail address.

If there were, the MAILMAN software would have removed the


address a long time ago. It is automatic-I administer seven

Ham Radio lists using this application.

The only practical solution is for the list administrator to unsubscribe every known e-mail forwarding address and

restrict future

subscriptions from those addresses.

73 de Mike, N9BOR


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