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Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 00:33:02 -0500
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I've got 110' Rohn 45 and I used 1/2" angle steel 4' in 6' out with the long
side pointed towards the tower.  I used a couple of pieces of 3/4" rebar in
an X at the bottom of the anchor and a small camfer and hole for equalizer
plates at the top.  I planned on using about 1/3 yard of concrete per hole,
but I think it ended up being more like 1/2 since we hit a lot of shale type
rock the caved the sides a bit.  I think my anchors are about 85 feet from
the base if I remember correctly, with 3 sets of guys spaced to allow my 3
stack of KT34xa's on ring rotators.  No back guying either.

1/2" angle steel is quite a bit less expensive than using I beams because
you don?t have to weld on any doublers, which you need with I beams because
the web is fairly thin, making them a lot more expensive if you pay someone
to do it.  10 years ago I paid around $350 for 3 new 10' pieces of 1/2"
angle with the holes, camfer, and primer paint...ready to drop in the hole.
It's quite possible you could do it a lot cheaper using surplus steel, etc.

This tower has been up for over 10 years with no problems at all.  I'm using
3/8" Polygon fiberglass guys, BTW.

I did use an engineer to sign off on the design and it's important that you
take your soil, etc., into consideration, but if this anchor works for 110'
heavily loaded, it should certainly work at 65!

73, Ty K3MM

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I am not an engineer nor even close - I have had a Rohn 25 up for 25 + years
with 3" pipe 3' in the ground with cement and a 3/8ths inch cable back guyed
about 24 inches behind the elevated anchor to a 7/8ths pin also set about 4'
into cement. This assy. tops out at about 103 feet with a Phelps Dodge 
Stationmaster, two 19 element two meter beams, two 15 element 220 beams,
one 5 element 6 meter beam all on the rotating mast and a number of dipoles
and omni directional antennas side mounted up and down its length.
However, the cable takeoff point is only about 6 feet above ground. These
cables are going up at an angle of course and I have never had a problem 
with that height mounting although I am easily 6' 4".
For What Its Worth department.
Dave / NØATH
ps: I guess if that isn't story enough, for several years one of these guy
was the rear anchor point for a 36 foot mast that I used to hinge the entire
from. Raised and lowered it many times with an electric winch and 3 part
10 minutes up, 10 minutes down, scary but worked as smooth as hydraulics.

>Hello All,
>I am a Amateur Radio operator and I am installing a 65ft Rohn 25G. I dug 
>the founation 4ft deep by 2.5 ft sq. This hole took 35 bag of Ready Mix. 
>One ten foot section of tower is in the ground, 4.5 ft. Now, the guys, I 
>want to raise the guys so they don't "Clothes Line" anyone, and I can 
>still walk around the yard. What are some suggestions on doing this. I was 
>thinking a 9' or 12'steel pole 3 ft in the ground with cement, How large 
>or thick should it be, 2 or 3 or maybe 4 inch round??? I am putting a 11 
>ele 70cm yagi, 13 ele 2m yagi and a TH6DX on this tower. I live in 
>southeast Ala., average winds is 85 mph when the season is right, I am 
>within 100 miles of Gulf of Mexico, Hurricanes and High winds during the 
>Fall seasons. I want to do this right, any and all suggestion, I Thank You 
>now for them.
>Alton J Drummond Jr


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