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Re: [TowerTalk] tower specs/not wind loads

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] tower specs/not wind loads
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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 12:22:49 -0000
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I may be completely off base with this, and if I am, I'll apologize right 
now. With the Rohn BX, and HDBX series of towers, the "square foot" changes 
according to model. But I swear, I thought I read that they all had a rating 
on them that said not to use an antenna with a  boom over 10ft. Is that 
right, or did I just read the specs wrong?

73, Mike K9MI

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> Many of the towers made today are designed to sway and you dont want to 
> guy
> them such as the popular line of Universal Aluminum  towers.     The steel
> towers are built to be self supporting  to a certain height as described 
> by their
> engineering specs.     The same with the Aluminum towers and you should 
> pay
> big attention to their  specs.   The 40 foot Rohn 25G
> wont hold a lot when self supporting.    In fact  outside of a small beam
> forget it without a set of guys!
> Rohn will tell you the size tower they advise and if its 25 G pay attn to
> the need for guys.    If its HDBX dont try to guy it as its  designed to 
> sway
> Towers all vary as to max height and  that height should depend greatly 
> not
> on what you want but as to the antennas to  be put on them and that 
> antenna's
> windload.    Antennas should be  a certain height above ground depending 
> on
> what bands you intend to  work.    I personally think that the good DX 
> starts at
> 50 feet  with the average triband beam.    Dont try to impress the
> neighborhood with big towers but build what is necessary and safe.    BTW 
> the 56 foot
> HDBX Rohn is small in
> windload capacity and safer if you build it to just 48 feet!
> Pay big attention to windload and the specs of the beam and the tower 
> before
> you determine height of your tower.    My triband Higain  is at 50 feet
> selfsupported aluminum with a 26 inch base.    I have 5.5 sq feet of 
> concrete
> holding it up.    And it  works great. And yes, it does have some sway as 
> much as 6
> inches as it is is  designed.
> Good luck!
> 73
> Mike
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