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[TowerTalk] Locating Buried Cables - Followup

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Locating Buried Cables - Followup
From: "Barkey, Patrick M." <>
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 09:10:16 -0400
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About six weeks ago I posted a question about how one might go about
finding buried cables.  Since I was trenching in a line for a new tower,
wanted to mark the cables I already had buried, especially right
next to where they all come together.
Most of the replies told me to (in fact, most insisted that I must) call
the utility underground cable location service and have them do it.
I just wanted to report back that this was very unsatisfactory.  Despite
emphasizing many times on the telephone that I wanted the locators to
call me before they came out (so I could ask them to sweep for my
ham cables), none of them did.  In fact, they never even went out to 
where I was actually going to trench (again, despite giving them
explicit instructions on the phone).
All they did was pull in my driveway, consult their maps and make
a paint marking on my front yard (about 300 feet away from the
beginning of my trench).
I ended up locating the cables the old-fashioned way - digging very
carefully by hand.  Lesson learned - counting on others to do your
work (when you're not paying them) is foolish.
  - Pat

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