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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] [SPAM] Laddder question
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Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 14:55:29 -0500
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I purchased mine at our State Fair several years ago.  Yep, its pricey, but
worth every penny.  About the only drawback is its heavy.  But a ladder that
can handle my weight when fully extended will need to be heavy.

The one or two nay sayers who have posted, have never owned one and their
comment indicate that.  They know not of what they speak!!


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Subject: [SPAM] [TowerTalk] Laddder question

Hopefully this isn't too off-topic: After an unfortunate incident involving
a large tree limb, a not-quite-out-of-the-way a-frame ladder, and gravity
(fortunately, my son and I were well out of the way), I find that I need a
new ladder. (If anyone needs some kindling, please contact me off-list. :-)
) I've seen the infomercials for the "Little Giant" ladder system, and while
normally the mere fact that something has an informercial is enough for me
to steer clear, I checked out their website ( and it looks pretty interesting. I did a
little research on the web, and I haven't seen anything bad, and in fact, I
did find a number of pretty good comments. They are somewhat pricey, but for
what I'd get it may well be worth it. (In addition to my recently departed
A-frame ladder, the extension ladder that I have is old, somewhat flimsy,
and a bit too short anyway).

I was wondering if anyone on the list had any firsthand experience with
these, good or bad, that they'd care to share? To keep at least marginally
on-topic, in addition to general household use, this is what I'd use to get
onto the roof where my current antennas live.


     David, K2DBK

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