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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Aluminum Masts
From: N6KI Dennis Vernacchia <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2007 11:46:18 -0800
List-post: <>
Take a look at my antenna system on QRZ.COM

I used two 20 ft sticks of 1/4 inch wall 20 ft long aluminum.
( The center of one 20 ft sticks is mounted and hinged to
the top of the other 20 ft stick that connects to rotator
down inside tower. )

I have put two,  18"  steel inserts at the points seeing most stress

The top antenna, a 56 ft long force 12 Rot Dipole weighing 25 lBs
actually flips down so one can work on it when strapped to top of tower.
The large yagi is a 210 lB SteppIR MonstIR

I went with this scheme to keep the total dead weight on the tower below 
350 lBs
as the Small Prop Pitch rotator unit weighs more than a lot of commercial
rotator units with similar turning ability. A 20 ft stick of 1/4" wall 
Aluminum weighs in at
40 lBs as opposed to a 22 ft chrome Molly steel mast that normally would 
weigh in
at 160 lBs ! ( This masting scheme shaved off at least 60 lbs system 
weight and luckily
we don't have bad winds to deal with  normally in San Diego city area )

73, Dennis N6KI wrote:
> I have been using aluminum mast for along time. I have  to say I have bent a 
> couple but that was all my fault for over loading  them. I run the hazer on 
> both my towers. The hf tower the mast sticks out  18' out the top. I have a 
> th7,a3ws,and a d40 on the mast. On the vhf/uhf  tower I have a 617b2,17b2,klm 
> 31' 
> for 222 and a 30' boom on 432 . This is  all on 20' of mast. It has 18' out 
> the top of the hazer also.  
> I have bent a couple of mast due to the  load. I am using #80 6061 .25" wall 
> stuff. I am going to install two more  towers and will use the same mast on 
> them because they are light weight .  I have a supplier here close to me. I 
> have 
> also sold many to hams   and they also have been pleased with them. They come 
> in 20'  sticks.
> Randy
> WB4UNA since 1970   
> Carlus M. Randy  Chavis
> 247 Goff Court
> West Columbia
> SC 29172
> 10-160,6,2,432,220
> EM93KV
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