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Re: [TowerTalk] Tree mounting yagi

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tree mounting yagi
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 07:00:31 EST
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In a message dated 1/23/2007 11:33:46 A.M. Central America Standard , writes:

>  Any guidelines for using trees?

>  I have a  cabin I use at about 7000' el with a clear North 180 degree shot 
the  ridgetop, there are too many trees to get much up, I am planning on  
hauling my 2 el Steppir up to around 35' BETWEEN two trees. I will use a  
tagline for "rotation". Since I can't get to the tops of these pine trees,  I 
think this is my best option.

>  Any ideas, comments,  things to watch for?
    I top the tree and then mount a 1.5" water pipe  vertically with a 
horizontal piece welded near the top of the pipe  for torque resistance. Two 
screws on the horizontal piece and 2-3 on the  vertical pipe and you're ready 
    The rotator is mast-mounted ala' TailTwister,  etc. A tree-mount is for a 
smaller - e.g. 3L tribander or so - antenna.  I've installed bigger ones like 
a KT34XA, but that's pushing it. 
    I use a tram technique to get the antenna up to  the top of the tree. 
With some timely tag line maneuvers you can pull the  elements down towards you 
and then the element ends towards the tree will  clear the top branches and the 
antenna will settle in position for  attaching to the mast. 
    I use nails as cable stand-offs and attach them  with tie wraps. 
    A tree mounted yagi requires more maintenance  because of limb growth but 
the antennas play like gangbusters since  electrically they're floating in 
    The best parts are that the tree is free and they  are unregulated for 
antenna installations. If you've got one, use it!
Steve    K7LXC
Cell: 206-890-4188


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