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Re: [TowerTalk] Tic Ring -Ring rotors - tricks of the trade

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tic Ring -Ring rotors - tricks of the trade
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Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 20:14:27 -0000
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Well, with 4 of them in the air now and another on the way I have seen a few
rings... 3 different versions so far, and I have been promised this latest
one is even better.  there have been big changes in how the motors have been
mounted and how the rings have been sprung over the several generations.
The latest ones have done away with the springs that used to be problematic.
There is a modification for 1022b(and maybe other versions) rings that have
sprung tension bearings to remove the springs and replace with a solid bolt
to improve reliability.  Since doing that last year two of the 1022b rings I
have worked fine all winter, where in the past they would loose engagement
and have to be readjusted regularly.  My latest 1122e on rohn 55 exposed
another problem on large towers that is supposed to be fixed in the one that
is on the way, which if he did what I suggested should simplify the bearing
plate adjustment quite a bit.  These newest 1122e's use a different motor
mounting and adjusting scheme than the older ones that seems a bit better
also.  My oldest ring, a 1032 on rohn 45 has had to have the limit switches
replaced because the screws rusted out, but other than that it has worked
well for many years.

David Robbins K1TTT
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> Hello TTer's with Ring Rotors
> I am seeking ideas, tricks or suggestions about the Tic Rotors in use
> today.  Seems the biggest challenge I run into with these rotors is the
> problem of keeping the gear teeth engaged.  After some use, the ring
> either gets out of round (hard to believe!) or the teeth tend to disengage
> for some reason and the antenna rotation ends as it goes into a gap in the
> teeth.  Motor supports are loosing over time or what?  After this
> condition develops, any suggestion as to how to get it re-aligned?
> I need some suggestions regarding maintenance of these rotors.  Tell me
> your stories, problems and issues with these rotors - would love to hear
> of your experiences with these things!  Thanks!  Please reply directly.
> Regards,
> Mark, K1RX
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