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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] PL-259's
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Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 10:03:16 -0400
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2" at 432 MHz is almost .1 wavelength and becomes an impedence transformer 
as you already mentioned.

If it is at the antenna end you would need a Smith chart or an asymetrical 
impedence transformer formula to determine its effect. If there is 
appreciable feedline loss it wouldnt even be noticable at the rig end but it 
would still add nndB to the system loss. That style transformer was very 
popular for use with 75 Ohm CATV feedlines and single band antennas back in 
the 80's and was published in HRM and Yankee Clipper if memory serves.

For weak signal use many preamps are tuned for the lowest NF into a perfect 
50 Ohm load (some are actually mismatched for lowest NF) so a 2:1 VSWR at 
the preamp input will have some negative effect. Im the type who counts 
every tenth of a dB at those frequencies.


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> Carl Said:
> Several published tests show a good PL-259 coming to almost a perfect 50
> Ohms at 222 MHz but exhibiting a bit under 2:1 at 432. While that VSWR 
> wont  bother a FM wanker or scanner its not good at QRO or for that weak 
> signal receiver noise figure.
> ***********
> I want to learn more about transmission line impedance bumps.  What effect 
> on over all system SWR or loss, does the LENGTH of the geometric mismatch 
> have?
> That is,  if the inside/outside conductor diameter ratios, say inside a 
> connector create, say a 2:1 SWR bump,  but are only, say 2" or say, 1/20 
> wavelength long,   what overall deleterious effect do they have, as 
> compared to a geometric impedance bump that is say, 5 ft, or multiple 
> wavelengths long?  Significant fracthional wavelegths of mismatched cables 
> of course become impedance transformers..
> All the Best, 73,
> Pat Barthelow
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