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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] advice sought
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 00:44:14 -0400
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<snip>> Advice is warmly welcomed and accepted.  This is not going to be a 
contest station--ever--but a relaxing improvement over my mobile set up 
(where I worked 3B7C on 40, barefoot...).  For contests I'm part of the 
stable at K5GO.
> FYI, the free tower belongs to my dad, N0JT.  At 84 he has so much trouble 
> getting up and down to and from the basement that he doesn't go on the 
> air, and I am TRYING to convince him to let me move the rig/amp/rotor 
> control into his bedroom.  Wish me luck...I'd rather seem him have a few 
> weeks, months or years of pleasure than just give it to me because of the 
> stairs.  But OTs can be stubborn, right?

That's how we get to be OTs! <:-))

Two years, a modest tower and antenna? For me it'd be in a heartbeat.

In my case I now have a system that is too big for me to do most of the 
work. I'm trying to fix it piece by piece.

As to the other issue, I certainly would try to get your dad to use the 
station in his room if possible. I did that when I was a teen ager albeit 
the station was a tad more modest than the current one. <:-))


Roger (K8RI)

> 73,
> Art, KC2G
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