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Re: [TowerTalk] Roswell Tower Accident

To: Doug Renwick <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Roswell Tower Accident
From: Ethan <>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 12:07:18 -0400
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Doug Renwick wrote:
IMO if you can't free climb a tower then maybe you shouldn't be climbing
at all.  One or preferably two connections at the work level is advised.
Do not rush.  Test your connection with both hands on the tower before
transferring your life from your hands to your connection.  IMO a lot of
hams are out of shape.  If you are going to climb then you better be in
good physical shape or forget it.

Forgive me for being so direct but I think it's necessary.

That is the stupidest response I've ever heard! You would be better off getting rid of all your climbing gear and hiring someone with sense in their head to do your work for you. You're not superman, you don't have fingers of steel that lock on securely. If you climb a tower without being attached 100% of the time, you take the risk that the smallest thing could cost you your life! You could get stung by a bee, a loose bolt could fall on your head and knock you unconscious, you could have an unexplained dizzy spell, and even the best trained athletes occasionally suffer from muscle cramps.

Testing and inspecting your gear is something you do before you climb. Good gear makes a positive connection and locks in place - you know when you have it right. Testing by pulling is pretty useless, because many accidents resulting in a fall have been caused by an improper connection that held enough to give the foolish climber a false sense of security. Know your equipment and know your attachment points!

Ethan KC8HES


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