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Re: [TowerTalk] Copper Clad or Hard Drawn Wire for Quad?

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Copper Clad or Hard Drawn Wire for Quad?
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Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 10:30:09 -0500
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Back in the late 70's there were about a half dozen two-element Gem quads in 
use here in the Albany, NY area, mine included.  The first antenna put up by 
an old-timer followed the directions exactly and worked fine except that the 
smallish-gauge solid copper wire had a tendency to break after flexing for a 
year or two.  We were constantly fixing it.  For mine, I chucked the 
instructions, bought 14 gauge 7 strand copperweld (I think the same as your 
copper clad) and bought the Bill Orr Quad Antenna book.  In that book there 
is a section on mono-band quads--since a spider quad is really three mono 
banders, not a tri-band quad (as with all the loops on the same vertical 
plane).  We also chucked the matching stubs on the reflectors in favor of 
closed loop reflectors which are structurally much better and work just as 
well because a quad is a low Q antenna and the dimensions are not too 
critical.  The quad book for monobanders said to use 1005 divided by 
frequency for the reflector and 995 divided by frequency for the driven 
element.  I tied 10 and 15 meters together at the middle and fed 20 
separately with a quarter wave match of 72 ohm coax. You can use three feeds 
if you want, but I thought it unnecessary. Place the wires through the 
wire-guides loosely around the spider and then move them out all around as 
far as necessary to get the wires almost taut.  Also use some small string 
and support the coax back up to the spider so all the weight is not on the 
loops.  Thereafter all the quads were built per my experience.  The Gem Quad 
is an excellent performer and you will  be happy with it.  Won't make any 
claims about how "great" it is based on DXCC totals, but the old timer had 
No. 1 DXCC with the quad at 40 feet in a "hole" in the center of Albany.  Of 
course back then there were no packet/packet pile-ups and you had to find 
the dx yourself.  In case your wondering, I took down my quad to replace it 
with a stack of  homebrew 4-element wide-spaced yagis.  Good luck.  73  Saul 
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Copper Clad or Hard Drawn Wire for Quad?

> Rob:  I am currently running a 3 el gem quad and have a four element gem
> quad hanging in the garage!  I can tell you that what they recommend is to
> restring with the same wire as comes with the unit.  It is enamel number 
> 18
> or 20 soft drawn copper wire found at any motor rewinding shop in your 
> town.
> Anything other than the size they originally used will change the tuning
> significantly as the velocity factor will be different.  Also, if you can,
> use 1/4 wave matching stubs on all three bands and  performance will 
> improve
> and you will have a much lower swr than if you tie all three driven 
> elements
> to a single feedline as they show in the manual.  Good luck and think you
> will find it a top performer.  Van, K7VS 337 current countries worked and
> confirmed with only FR/G still needed and all with the Gem Quad!!
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> Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 10:09 PM
> Subject: [TowerTalk] Copper Clad or Hard Drawn Wire for Quad?
>> Hi,
>> I was given a broken Gem Quad, which I am attempting to splint together,
>> and it needs all new wires.  I'm wondering whether to use #14, 7 strand
>> copper clad steel or #14, 7 strand hard drawn copper wire which may be
>> more flexible.  I'm also a little worried about galvanic action on the
>> copper clad steel.  But the steel seems like it would be stronger.  What
>> are the opinions here?
>> Thanks & 73,
>> Rob, KL7NA
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