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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Yaesu Rotator Help
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 19:04:08 EDT
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The DXA and SA series are different as one has a speed control  and preset 
and the other does not, but there is no difference in  the control box between 
an 800 and 1000 for a given series (did that make  sense?). My guess is a 800SA 
or an SDX will work on the 1000 if you leave  out the #6 wire and if the 
connectors are the same (my 1000DXA has a Molex and  my 800SDX has a Jones 
In any event, before you use your other box, disconnect the plug  from the 
back of the control box and measure pins 4 & 5. It should be + - 10  - 12 volts 
when you press RIGHT or LEFT. If not, the box has a problem. If it  does have 
voltage, connect the plug, but leave wire #6 disconnected. The rotor  should 
turn. If it does not, suspect the rotor.
I am not sure what that #6 wire does, but it feeds  negative back to the PIC 
inside the control box via limit switches inside the  rotor. Maybe it tells 
the PIC to not allow rotation for computer control? Maybe  some Yaesu guru can 
answer that one.
Keep us informed...

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