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Re: [TowerTalk] Tailtwister not turning

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tailtwister not turning
From: Bob Alexander <>
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2009 19:31:44 -0600
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> Finally my turn again.
> T2X will not rotate, all of a sudden.   Brake sounds like it releases with 
> the loud 'clank'.  Diretcion meter will not move from its last indication, at 
> JA.  Voltages and resistances checked per the manual and are in tolerance.   
> Archives suggests changing the AC capacitor.  Got one PDQ from C.A.T.S. but 
> no improvement.  Meter not moving means no mast movement but I can see that 
> myself!  Is there some kind of internal problem that would allow all the 
> electrical tests to be FB but no mechanical movement?
> I can get it down but that is less than fun.
> Tnx!
> Al
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I had exactly the same problem with my T2X.  Replaced the cap just like 
you did with same results.

I finally took the two halves apart and checked out the gear drive 
mechanism.  With the brake released,
I could turn the large gears at the top and see the motor shaft turning, 
so it was not frozen up.  Put it back together
and it still did not turn.
The jam up was at around 45 dgrs... no where near the limit switches

I took it apart again and this time I removed all the gears and 
reinstalled them.  Its now back on the tower
and working properly.

However, I expect it to fail again because this was the second time I 
had the same problem.  The first time, a new
cap got it going so I did not take it off the tower

Considering our similar results, it sounds to me like there is a 
tolerance problem with the cast pieces.
Please let me know what you determine on yours

73, gud luck
Bob, W5AH

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