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Re: [TowerTalk] Need Help-Triex H 354 Tower (Not LM 354)

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Need Help-Triex H 354 Tower (Not LM 354)
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Date: Sun, 14 Jun 2009 09:38:05 -0400
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Try taking your worn out parts to a local machine shop.  They'll be happy to 
reproduce the parts for you.

Our last supplier of TRI-EX towers, cables, and parts is a small operation 
and has to make a decision on each request as to whether there is any 
reasonable profit possible. I suspect most partial tower refurbishment 
projects like pulley replacements are a loss leader for the business. Now if 
you were to order up all new cables, pulleys, and bolts, etc., you might 
have gotten a response but you probably wouldn't have wanted to spend the 
money to do a full refurbishment.  That is the delima for a small business 
like Tashjian.

One thing is for sure...bashing Tashjian in a public forum doesn't help him 
or those of us the rely upon his services to maintian our end-of-life 
monuments to mid-century crank-up towers ;-)

TRI-EX CT-100 Owner
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Need Help-Triex H 354 Tower (Not LM 354)

> James
> No this is not a free standing support (view attached jpg). Three legs 
> extend out from the first section to the ground.
> Three turn buckles adjust the tension once anchored. My support is at 
> present not extended, nested for the lack of
> replacement pulley's (2 at the very bottom). I'm having better luck at 
> finding hen's teeth than suitable replacement
> pulley's.  Tashjian Towers Corporation is a joke for replacement parts. 
> Rotor is Yaesu 1000, super thunderbird, and Hygain 3
> element 40 meter.
> regrds
> Craig
> kq6i
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> Subject: [TowerTalk] Need Help-Triex H 354 Tower (Not LM 354)
> Thanks for reading this.  I have an old Triex H-354 tower that consists of 
> three 20 foot steel welded sections that extend
> up to 54 feet via a manual cable crank winch.  This tower was made by 
> Triex Tower in Visalia, California many years ago
> (Serial number 54003).  The tower is different from the LM 354 in that 
> instead of having a "W" pattern on the sides it uses
> flat bar welded to the tubing that lies horizontally when the tower is 
> standing up. The tower probably weighs in the 350 to
> 450 pound range.  There is a single bolt lug at each of the three corners, 
> and is obviously designed to be cranked over.
> Can anyone tell me 1, Is The Tower OK for freestanding configuration? 2, 
> What is the acceptable wind loading on this tower?
> Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance from James N3ZS.
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