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[TowerTalk] Whidbey noise, Tower, NAS Whidbey

Subject: [TowerTalk] Whidbey noise, Tower, NAS Whidbey
From: Bob Bogash <>
Reply-to:, "Tower and HF antenna construction topics." <>
Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2010 10:45:44 -0700
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> I haven't been there long enough to get tired of the aircraft noise yet,
>> although some of the locals are. It's still cool when a P-3 or EA-6B flies
>> by low enough to see the pilot. My Dad was career Navy; I spent some time on
>> three different aircraft carriers in my service years in the Navy, and
>> whenever I have a chance to see the Blue Angels, I go.  I'm told that they
>> will be phasing in a new F-18 variant for the ECM mission, so we'll see (and
>> hear, and feel) fewer EA-6Bs and more F-18's in the future.  Cool!

haven't been there long enough to get tired of the aircraft noise 
yet,...........  You WILL be!!!

I've been an airplane guy my whole life, Dick,  and live 10 NM south of 
the Whidbey training strip (at Pt. No Pt.) (also on high bank with its 
benefits.)  I've previously posted on the value of the high bank vis a 
vis antenna height.  I used to think the EA-6Bs were noisy - until the 
F-18G Growlers showed up.  They do nite training at the remote strip 
(Coupeville) from 2100-2400 local and, despite being 10 miles away, they 
kept everyone up at nite when they started entering service last summer. 
  I never heard the Prowlers at this location.

Hope you got a good deal on that property, and remember their billboard 
"The Sound of Freedom."  You'll need that understanding in the days to 
come, when all those Prowlers convert to Growlers (Screamers would be a 
better name!)

It's not clear from all the chatter on this reflector that military 
airports don't have different requirements than civil airports.  For 
sure - as you've already stated (cool to look a P-3 pilot in the eyes!) 
military flying involves a lot of low altitude work in the VICINITY of 
the the airport that is not seen (or allowed) at civil airfields.  The 
aero chart for the Whidbey NAS, for example, shows a number of MOAs 
(Military Operational Areas) in the vicinity.

My knowledge base runs out in this area - specifically as to whether the 
FAA has the sole (or ANY) jurisdiction with regard to military airfields 
and the NAS. The FAA documentation all refers to a "Public Use Airport." 
  NAS Whidbey is NOT a Public Use Airport.  You might want to run the 
trapline at the NAS as well.

For 'what-it's-worth', it's not clear with your site location, that 
you'll need a very tall tower.  My HFTA analysis at my high bluff site 
shows  basically a foot-for-foot benefit for my height above SL and 
allows a low tower to appear to be a tall one.

Good luck,

Bob Bogash


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