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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 15:57:02 -0400
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Grant I have to be careful type with my call and yours!!!!

I use a Dutton-Lainson SA9000ac on my 75ft tower, It has a 120vdc motor with a 
full wave bridge. You
can order i9t with out the clutch so no free wheeling and a cabled remote. It 
has a brake that is on
a one way bearing so it is engaged when you let the cable out. It works very 
well and in the #400
range You can also order it without the cable.

73 Larry K1ZW

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My HF rules are - 1. never buy anything with a Chinese motor. 2. buy 
their iron tools, they are cheap and reasonably good.  That said, the 
quality gets better every day - check out the $9.99 digital calipers on 
sale with a coupon - just as good as the competitors up to $40.

For a quality winch, go to your local 4WD store and check out the Ramsey 
line of 12v winches.  They are quality built and while not "man or 
hoist" rated are used in situations which failures could have dire 
consequences.  My 12,000 lb Ramsey winch really does pull (I think the 
12k)- I bent the 3x3x3/8 angle 2 piece frame (which is now 4x4x1/2) 
which attaches it to my tractor, so it is easy to bend a tower something 
even with a smaller one.  I doubt the stock cable will be long enough so 
get a spool big enough to handle the tower cable.  You will also need a 
good sized battery next to the tower and big DC cables as the stall load 
even on the smaller winches can exceed 100 amps.

b.t.w.  the Wilson 40' rotatable pole came stock with a low end 120vac 
utility winch ( at least that was on the one I bought).

Grant KZ1W

Larry WA9VRH wrote:
> If I piss (technical term) someone off I apologize in advance!
> I my humble opinion H.F. makes disposable tools....   Use them a few times 
> and throw them away....
> Great prices on many things beating the heck out of anyone's prices... There 
> is a reason for that.
> They are great for the very casual user but to risk your $3000.00 to 

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