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Subject: [TowerTalk] Breaking all the tower climbing rules at an
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Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 21:53:26 -0800
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Way more people fall of ladders and are killed or crippled ask any ER doctor
about Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  My friends 30 year old daughter
Debbie was cleaning a blocked downspout at 20 feet, the ladder went one way
and she the other, she landed on her head and death occurred one hour later.

I would much prefer to be on a tower than a ladder, at least the tower does
not move.....or should not anyway.

By the way it is much easier to fall off ladder because people tend lean out
sideways to reach things instead of climbing down and re-positioning the
ladder putting themselves off balance.

I remember that old expression "it's as easy as falling off a ladder"


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Question for you experts:  if it is forbidden to free climb
a tower, why is it OK to free climb a ladder?  Not trying
to argue, just curious.  I never climb towers, but often
climb ladders.  I keep asking myself why I should feel
so safe on a ladder.  (It is somewhat easier to fall
off a tower, admittedly).

Rick N6RK


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