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OK, I guess that makes sense.
However, I live in Arizona where DRY is the norm so perhaps it isn't as much
of a problem here.

FWIW, I haven't had to solder anything for outside use in quite a while and
when I did splice an antenna wire I cleaned the flux off and sealed it with
liquid electric tape, Scotch Coat and then either a wrap of 333 electric
tape or heat shrink and then more Scotch Coat. Looks like crap but it stays
dry, clean and unexposed to the elements. This of course is in reference to
insulated antenna wire. Ground wires I never made much of an effort to
protect the connection. 

FYI, today I use a single ground plate with 48 stainless screws mounted to
it for radial connections. It solves the problem and allows for easy wire
changes if necessary due to the lawnmower or weed wacker chewing up an
errant wire.

Mike Baker  K7DD

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Sorry for the bad spelling.


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Why wouldn't 60/40 Rosin Core Solder work outside? That's news to me and I

have used it forever on any electrical connection inside or outside without

any problems. What did I miss?

Mike Baker  K7DD

For one, you missed corrosion. Things tend to be dirty outside. Dirt acts as

carrier of humidity (read; electrolyte). Copper - Tin/Lead is dissimilar

and that in combination with the electrolyte results in speedy corrosion of

solder joint.

Hans - N2JFS




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