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[TowerTalk] burying hardline

Subject: [TowerTalk] burying hardline
From: "Mark, K5ER" <>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2011 00:00:15 -0500
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        Many thanks to all who thoughtfully responded. Interesting that even 
several highly respected regulars on Tower Talk, the consensus was  almost 
evenly split. Shows that sometimes there IS more than one correct answer. 
Still, several brought up interesting points, and it is GREAT to have 
access to so much experience. Thanks for sharing!!

        Odd that fate sometimes works things out for us. When I went to collect 
the PVC, he was out of 4", so he gave me enough 3" for TWO runs to the 
towers. Looks like the 6 runs of LDF gets their own conduit. Using a 
"DitchWitch®" or similar brand trencher, I'll probably cut the trenches 
about 15" deep and just stack the two conduits.

        This brings up another question, though. Obviously, the 6 runs of LDF 
would feed through easier if already laid out nice and straight. Rather 
than bury the conduit and then try to pull, why can't I lay the LDF right 
by the trench and simply slide the sections of PVC over them, glue each up, 
and then drop it in the trench? Seems like it would be easier than trying 
to pull the relatively stiff LDF the entire 125' length.

Mark, K5ER


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