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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] burying hardline
From: K8RI on TT <>
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2011 02:55:20 -0400
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On 4/4/2011 1:00 AM, Mark, K5ER wrote:
>       Many thanks to all who thoughtfully responded. Interesting that even 
> with
> several highly respected regulars on Tower Talk, the consensus was  almost
> evenly split. Shows that sometimes there IS more than one correct answer.
> Still, several brought up interesting points, and it is GREAT to have
> access to so much experience. Thanks for sharing!!
>       Odd that fate sometimes works things out for us. When I went to collect
> the PVC, he was out of 4", so he gave me enough 3" for TWO runs to the
> towers. Looks like the 6 runs of LDF gets their own conduit. Using a
> "DitchWitch®" or similar brand trencher, I'll probably cut the trenches
> about 15" deep and just stack the two conduits.
>       This brings up another question, though. Obviously, the 6 runs of LDF
> would feed through easier if already laid out nice and straight. Rather
6  runs of LDF4-50 is going to be more than a bit snug for 3" conduit, 
(plus 90's) but there is my favorite..."Wire soap"!  BTW use a pair of 
sweep 45's for each 90! you will be glad you did.  You don't have to 
pull the coax in but it's likely you WILL have to pull at least one run 
out some day.  I guess if it were me (and it's not - I say that a lot) 
I'd put at least two of the coax runs in the second conduit with the 
control cables whether it's good practice or not OR I'd even run them 
beside or under the conduit.  I'd make them the ones running the higher 
frequencies though.   IF all runs are well soaped (yes it's like having 
two hands full of snot!) they *should* pull out relatively easy *without 
coax connectors attached.*
> than bury the conduit and then try to pull, why can't I lay the LDF right
> by the trench and simply slide the sections of PVC over them, glue each up,
> and then drop it in the trench? Seems like it would be easier than trying
> to pull the relatively stiff LDF the entire 125' length.

It is, but don't forget the wire soap!  It may never happen, but the 
odds are you are going to have to pull at least one of those runs 
out....Oh, and don't forget a good messenger/pull cable laid in with the 

BTW I run 5 LMR-600s through 4"...With lots of soap.
Don't forget that pull cable though.  Once the coax is in it's unlikely 
you will ever be able to push a wire snake though there. Sometimes you 
can by wiggling the snake as you twist it while pulling it back and 
fourth while saying the magic works and incantations.

BTW make sure the neighbors take their kids inside before you start the 
magic words and incantations! The judge will be much more 
understanding.  Here in Michigan that can be a felony.


Roger (K8RI)

> 73,
> Mark, K5ER
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